Google Forms for Entry and Exit Questions

Google Forms
Google Forms is one of the most useful educational technologies that a teacher can learn. It comes free with your Google Mail account and can be used for a huge range of things. You can use it to collect any type of data from students/teachers or whoever you are working with. You can create surveys and questionnaires with different types of questions. You can also include pictures and video. There are a whole range of question types making it a great tech tool for teachers that can be used in a whole range of different ways.

Taken from: TTV

2:30 Video
Quick Introduction
  • MATECH Student Email accounts
    • Have Kenneth set your students up.
      • Send him a list with the names of your students.  He needs first initial and last name
  • Login to your Google (school preferably) account.
  • Go to
  • Follow along and ask questions once we’re all to this point.
More Detailed Walk through

I found this on the University of Wisconsin website.  It goes into more detail.