Physics Final – Part Two

Create a Presentation

For the last half of your final you need to create a presentation over what you accomplished yesterday. You should use one of the many Web 2.0 tools we’ve gone over in the last few weeks and leave a comment to the finished product on this post.

Your presentation needs to at the very least include

  1. Multiple pictures
    1. If it’s possible to put a description with these images you should.

If you choose a presentation method that allows the use of video you should also include the video that you took in that presentation.

If you choose a presentation method that doesn’t allow video to be added, then you should upload your video to a file sharing service and in your comment leave a link to the presentation AND the video.

Student Examples



Physics Final – Part One

Popsicle Sticks and Rubber-bands
Your goal today is to create either a Bow or a Crossbow that will launch an object that strikes a target. You will be given 25 Popsicle sticks and 25 rubber bands to create your bow or crossbow.

No Hornets.

At least 4 popsicle sticks must be used in your design.

The object you will be launching is one standard size 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. You can modify (Fold or Cut) this paper however you see fit BUT no mass may be removed from it.
Your object must land inside the trashcan on top of my desk.
You need to document your work!!! This will be half of your grade. You need at least the following things:

  1. A picture of you and your partner.
  2. Two pictures of you and your partner designing and creating your bow / crossbow.
  3. One picture of your object that you’re going to shoot being created.
  4. A video of your object being launched from your bow / crossbow and landing (attempting) in the trashcan.

The above is a bare minimum.  Feel free to do more.

Thursday – May 18th

Finish Assignment

Many of you have already finished the assignment for this week.  If you haven’t, you should do that.  It’s due tomorrow.

At this point you should also check Infinite Campus and verify that the grades I’ve assigned match what you believe that you’ve earned.  If there is a discrepancy we need to fix it as soon as possible.

I will not be here on Monday of next week.

There will be a final in this class.  On Tuesday everyone will build an object. On Wednesday and Thursday everyone present will create a presentation over the building of the object.  If you’re a senior in 2nd or 4th hour.  You will not create the presentation as you will not be present. If you’re going to be gone for some other reason let me know ahead of time.

Wednesday- May 17

Finish Assignment
Refer to the assignment issued on Monday.  You should attempt to finish that assignment today on the chance that you won’t be in my class again this week.